225lb bench press competition...wtf?

outlawtas2 said:
this is funny...I can 2000 reps myself, but I don't actually push it, i just rest it on my chest.

whats really messed up thast how some bodybuilders press though....vs powerlifters doing it bodybuilders always do some kind of half rep heck I do it except when trying to train for a max out I lock out each rep....but what the heck he didnt touch his chest and stay at the bottom like other guys did it...funny though :rockband:
have any of you ever tried this it was posted in a article on another board
i think it was SSB but not sure
they had this posted to see if members could do it
they made it known that it had to bea full rep not like thses guys

not that i did it to compare but just wanted to see how hard it was because benching is easy for me
the idae is to do one warm up set two if you like then go right to 225 and see with out stopping no rest or pause or complete lock out but to the top
how many you can do
i did 27 and its no bullshit hard as hell and if you can muster up another set after that you are lucky, but i amnot a pro bb like thses guys so for them it would be easier

try it one day but make sure you have a spot cause once those arms get tired its hard to hold 225 up if you fail
That is the hardest part of the rep and Jeremy skipped it???
I do the Pump & Run at the Classic in Ohio and that's where I get stuck!!
Fuckin train hard and my weight is down to 165 the night before so I figure I should be 162-163 by morning..get on a scale and my weight is 176??
Pissed!!Fucking pissed cause each rep up to 30 is 30 seconds each rep subtracted from your final 5K run time!
I did 25 at 10lbs more so I finished in the 90-99 range when I should have been in the 40-45 range!
Proud of what I did and was cheated the same way!!
I would say there would have been a 5-10% difference meaning 46 would be around 50 & so would Jeremy but the fact that it ends in a Muscletech ad tells the whole fuckin story!!!
Musclemag was a great book untill every article now ends in a muscletech ad????
After most competitions a sponsor will approach a winner-top 3 and ask them if they are willing to put 30-50 lbs of fat on then drop in within 3 months for $1000 cash+ supplements!
I am sure everyone does it but it's a little too much once you know how they work.
A ful 30 reps on that competition is 15 min subtracted from my final time,with 25 reps 12min30sec was subtracted from my final time which was 22:35 so my final was
12:05 should have been 9:35.I did my best:)
What a crock of shit. the guy with the best form only did 15. Hmmmmmm?
What a bunch of half rep cr*p! I hate all that 1/2 rep stuff. Especially those guys whole think they are so strong doing 1/2 rep stuff in the gym. They need to control that competition to where they do full reps, no bounce.

Yet, at the same time. Those are some strong guys.