2nd cycle: good or bad????


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Im planning on doin a 12 week cycle for summer and i want to know what u guys think.

1-5: 5omgs dbol ed
1-10: 600 mgs test enathate
2-12: 75 mgs fina ed
6-12:50 mgs masteron ed

please let me know your opinions on this.
Could we please get some stats, age, weight, height, cycle experience, goals, etc.

This makes it way easier to help you out.
Nimrod25 said:

Sure, I have a bridge to sell you as well.

A few months back a legitimate source had been carrying masteron from Syntex as well as a generic version from Scuibb Labs(not sure if thats correct spelling) but it was just recently taken off his list. Quadsweep from Elite used it with great results.
im 21 years old, 200lbs at 5 foot 10 with 12 %bf and its my 2nd cycle im lookin to cut up a bit but mostly to put on more size.
the masterons being sold are all expired! Red Star had a generic one too!

I think your doses are way to high...those were my 7th cycle doses!

I really think you should focus on diet and lower your doses!
I shit you guys not, a guy I was training with in Ohio during the summer had legit Masteron. He even had a printout from another website of real legit Masteron amps and his matched up perfectly. If I do remember correctly, the expiry date on the amps was either the same month that he showed me them or 1 month later. I cant remember 100%.

In all fairness, I am not a Masteron guru but the guy was a serious amateur competitor with really good connections and his amps did match up to the pics of some legit ones.
If your going to compete then why are u cutting I would bulk until your comp. But your cycle looks good I would run the low dose of fina cause your running fina for 10 weeks I would start out low then bump it up. Good luck bro
Chops is dead on w/this one. If you're looking to compete, screw leaning out for this summer and get as big as you can through Christmas and then start your diet in Jan.
and i thought Techchemy's first cycle was a lot.

If it is nly your second cycle and your only 20. then there is no reason for all that gear. try this:

weeks 1-5: 30mg dbol ed
weeks 1-10: 500mg/week enanthate
weeks 3-12: 75mg tren ed
weeks 7-12: 50mg winstrol ed

that should be a good cycle for you.

HOWEVER, since you want to compete next april. you might wanna bulk this year....

weeks 1-5: 30mg dbol ed
weeks 1-11 500mg/week test enanthate
weeks 1-10: 400mg/week deca


weeks 1-5: 30mg dbol ed
weeks 1-10: 500mg/week test enanthate
weeks 2-11: 75mg tren ed
yes....my first cycle was a big one....and I kinda regret it....(ok, maybe not)...but from now on I think I'm gonna stick to more simple cycles.....well...after my cutter of enanthate/tren/prop/winny/t3/NYC .......split up accordingly though.
Dude just get Massive.....remember diet is the key you can bulk on any AAS. If u diet u won't put 20lbs on but if u eat like a horse then yes its possible I did Sus-500mg/wk 1-10 and I gained 30lbs and kept 25lbs....it's all diet playa. Good luck though playa. I ran a cycle a couple of months ago and I regret that I didn't bulk cause I am competing in 8 weeks so I would bulk.

KellyExpress said:
will that cycle i m planning to do cut me or put on mass????????

Steroids will not "cut you up" or add mass on there own.

Almost any drug can be used to cut and almost any drug can be used to bulk up.

It is your diet, training, and strict dicipline that will determine wether it is bulking or cutting. In cutting cycles, the gea you use is to keep from losing muscle while losing weight.

The cycle i poted earlier for bulking can be used for cutting also. It just all depends on your diet.