2nd Cycle Question


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I just began week 3 of a 600mg Cyp/400mg Deca cycle. I'm 5'7 weigh 196, 32w, 46c,17a at 35 years old. I want to get up to 210 if possible. I've been eating approx 4000 cal/day (275-325 of protein, good carbs and decent fats (taking 3tbs of flax seed oil/day). My question is: Do you think my goal is attainable given the caloric intake? It is hard for me to eat 4000/day so any advice if you think I need to up the calories?

RoadHouse said:
Wait a week or two, if maintinaing, raise your cals 250 cals a day, each week. Mainly from good fats.

I don't think you should have a problem bro.....like RoadHouse said..if you are maintinaing the rase the cals.....aslo make sure you get enough rest and protein....