3rd cycle advice


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Hi fellas, I am new to this board, but not to the game.

I'm planning to start my third cycle soon. Ended my second one back in December. My first two cycles looked as follows:

Week 1-08 250mg sust/week
Week 1-08 200mg winny/week

week 1-10 500mg sust/week
week 1-10 300mg deca/week
week 1-04 50mg/day anadrol

For my third cycle I was thinking of switching it up a bit to something like this:


week 1-10 750mg Durateston
week 1-10 400mg Deca durabolin
week 7-13 50mg/day winstrol
week 1-04 50mg/day anadrol

37 years old, 220 lbs, +/- 8 years of training...

PS: Clomid therapy after cycle and nolvadex on hands just in case.

Any critiques are greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

The cycle is solid, but not for a third cycle.

You dont need the anadrol yet. I have done 12+ cycles and I have yet to need anadrol. I would go test/eq at 750mg/600mg respectively. I think now that you are in the game, you need to develope a stronger diet and not to rely on increased doses to make gains.

Save the orals for your 4th or 5th cycle. THis is just my opinion.