50mg winny

somebody clarify what i could say, no source posting, but i could put his first name up or not, let me know, sorry,
also anybody able to resize a picture for me?
the china man (if that is ok)'s Winstrol (winny) tested well at between 48-52mg / tab. Have heard good things if they are the blue ones.
Fayde nice avatar,:eek: Oh and about the 50mg winnys I have never used them but I would sure like too....;)
LS, putting up the first name of a source is not technically source posting since it does not include an email address but it is frowned upon because people are not stupid and will start PM'ing you or emailing you asking for the sources information.

Just do me a favor and keep all sources names off the board.
bro, taking 50mg at a time is not a good idea, unless you are doing 100mg daily. most people split the 50mg tabs into halves and take on half in the morn, and the other half in the afternoon... oral Winstrol (winny) has a half life of 9 hours, so best to take as i mentioned. OR, you could go with 25mg caps... perutech is the only one that i know of that makes a dosage of 25mg... the shit is GOOD too... consistant excelllent quality