OK...I have been shooting winnie into the quads for a few weeks..when I upped to 100mg eod, I got a big nasty knot in my right I hit the other quad and lo and behold..another knot. they arent red..but it defintiely isnt right. No red spots or weird swelling but it feels hard in those spots and it hurts pretty good. I did legs and got some blood in the old quads which has lessened the pain..but its still pronounced.
- its been about 5 time or heating pad and massage?
the reason you have a knot is that you injected 2 cc's, its gona happen. I get a knot everytime for a day or two no matter what. Knots dont always = abcess.
So as long as one uses a fresh needle each time and wipes their injection sites and vials with alcohol, they don't need to worry about getting an abcess?