Add this to your cow's implant schedule


Mini B
While out shopping for magical, mystical growth beans for your cows, you might want to add some antibiotic to your order. It is cheap and an ounce of know the you embarrassment and unwanted limelight. >>>>>This is by no means a substitution for proper medical attention in the event of infection. <<<<<
i believe he's suggesting ordering antibiotics or some other cattle related item when ordering fina pellets to give the impression of legitimacy....maybe?
i think hes suggesting an antibiotic to add to fina cycles to combat, or prevent infection....the alternative is to wait till infection occurs and visit a doctor.......but, if you make it clean, and sterilize your fina, you shouldnt have a problem with infections......a little overkill on the code word talk, nobodys fooling anyone with code words............dont forget the name of the board is STEROIDology
oh, he had me fooled. lol... I was about to ask John Nash if he could decipher (spelling?) the real meaning of the aforementioned message.