adding tren


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well i have my tren/eq mix and am going to start that saturday. will be my first time using tren. the mix is 75/100 and will probably run it eod for 8 weeks. i will continue to run enanthate at 650 a week and will be running slin 10 ius post workout aswell.

i will be coming off after this for a while. time for a break but am looking forward to the tren.

i will be running nolva post cycle along with slin,creatine and glutamine. nope no clomid you can keep that shit
johnny, been on EQ and enanthate for about 7 weeks already bro. just adding tren to the mix. been reading so much about it had to try it.
staybig, i do not like clomid bro. seems to effect my vision and i just plain hate the way you feel on the shit
I am planing on a cycle of fina/insulin/and test if the fina shuts down my sex drive. So keep us informed on how it goes. I would like to know
bro,I'm on tren 4 the 1st time @115mgs ed and fukin love it,I'm getting hard,and tight all over,great shit.Like it so much just ordered 2 boxes-20 carts :D: good luck bro
Arent you running Gh and a host of other things? Crap, i need to do what you do for a living, this whole Male escort thing isnt working out how I planned, lol.
lol,nah me and my dad just try and pile shit up.But yea u as a male escort lol,come on bro your killin me , I told u about escortin them old men j/k.Nah I'm just a poor white man tryin to survive :D: tren,eq,gh,t3,slin,sust,winny,the best cycle I've done so far.Plus it sucks havin to wait for shit when u can just have it on hand.
Hey house I pull my tren in a slin needle so its not so bad hittin it all over ed just takes a few min to load.