Advice for next cycle



At 46 picking a cycle is becoming a more difficult decision. In the past i have done Sustanon (sust). and deca, always got good results. I was thinking about Tren. is this smart. Each cycle my recovery takes alittle bit longer, have been off for 25 weeks and starting to feel myself, it will be 36 weeks off when i start next. Should i give Tren a try, if so which ent or act? And would test protect me from the sides. One other thing i'd rather not strain the liver any more than i have to, what do ya think?
Tren is hard to recover from, so If I would do it at that age and be concerned about recovery I would run something milder, like var, eq, or deca. I would also personally run testosterone. If you decide to run tren anyways, then enanth or ace are both good, others may argue that they differ in terms of gains but I have run them both with equal results. in short enanth = less frequent inj (long ester, higher dosage per injection) ace = Short ester, frequent injections (eod to ed) and a typical dose of 75 - 100 mg per inj )

There is great info for all these compounds on the steroidology drug profiles page, I suggest u read them if you havent already.

Hope all works out for you and best of wishes.