Advice !


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Thinking to make a 12 weeks cycle with:

Deca, Trenbolone, Proviron tab, Winstrol tab.

Is ok the stack? What's Doses??

Goal: Lean Mass Cycle

Apprec. any help!
Only one cycle before the same above without trenbolone, age 39, in gym 3 years in row. Training history (1984-1987)(1992-1996)(mountain bike 1996-1999)(1999-2001)
begin 182lbs before 1st. cycle 199lbs. 5'8" I loss 12lbs. by intestinal infection by
bacteria in a Whooper BK. I want to re-gain lean mass, But is good idea to add
trenbolone enan. to this cycle??

My last cycle(13 weeks), Deca/Proviron/ Winstrol in the last 4wks) work great for build Lean Mass. No Pct, after cycle loss only 2lbs.(no pct).
This Cycle is from the book "ANABOLICS 2005" and other websites.

I think the addition of trenb. enant. give a little kick in mass buiding.

Any opinion??
well bro you can still put on lean mass with test it'll just keep you from getting shut down or help a little... tren and deca together is dangerous as other people have stated before... some people can get away with using both together with a test and not get shut down and some people get shut down for months and lose their dick for a while... be careful whatever you do