Anabolic Insider?

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Anabolic Insider?

I have a quick question about Anabolic Insider products founder Jeff Summers.
Has anyone tried their ProStack products? Are they effective/legit, page 11 Anabolic Insider July/Aug 2003

they are bullshit and a waste of money, you would get more results if u just gave me the money.
i hate those fucking newsletters. they piss me off. yea lets let everyone know im interested in steroids, fucken tools. i get identical copies every fucking month. not only that but the little info about steroids in tehm is crap anyways.
yeah i just threw my copy out without even lookin at it! wish i could cancel never asked for them
Haha, that stuff is shit and its only for "those over 18." Oh man, those pieces of shit.
The website is an ok place to subscribe too, but legal usually = nothing close to advertised, wether it works or not.
I love Anabolic Insider! I use it to line my snake cage. Very sturdy stock of paper, better then newspaper!
cdog said:
crap dont get the newsletter,its like herps,keeps commin at the wrong time

i had 100 androlics in an envelope from england and there stupid newsletter in my mail box one time alst year