Any bro's know


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where to buy some good quality gear in mexico? I dont wanna go 12 hours into mexico so if someone knows where I could get some in Warrez or Hworrez or however the hell you spell it :confused: i donno, anyway just across the border of El Piso. I went down the other week but could only find 50mg vials of Deca. I would have to take 4cc E4D, nah Ill pass, I tried to do a search but its dissabled for now. :(

I also need someone to teach me mexican if anyone is interested. j\k

Grassyass, hows that for spannish<--- by the way does that mean thanks or you have a harry ass? :D LOL
The post is very confusing. Its Juarez btw. Best bet is to make a couple trips, get to know a rep, or else you pay just as much as you would from a net source. I have always had luck at Nuevo Laredo.
I didnt mean to confuse you. I just wanted to know if anyone knew a place in Juarez that I could get some gear from that is good quality.
Thanks bro,
Ill see if I can find Nuevo Laredo the next time im down there.