any u guys get blood work done mid cycle


just to seee how things are.

and how long does it take to start affecting
you liver and stuff that u get checked.
If your running orals its always good to get your liver values checked. I am not sure how long it takes them to affect your liver though.
Hey seem quite concerned about the affects of orals on your liver, why not just avoid them all together?

You could use prop to kick-start your cycle, instead of the D-bols.

I've never used any orals in my cycles, for that very concern (liver).
ya i guess i am, but if you read my other posts about blood
test and urine test you know why, i ve been on 500mg test
and 500mg eq for three wks with about 30mg d bol,
and in a few days i have a bllood and urine test for insurance
purposes and thats why im wondering if in those 3 wks
if it would show up in the test on my liver.
alright duey... this might help annnnnd it might not lol but check this out....
Three weeks after coming off of a 4 week cycle (20mg Winstrol (winny) ed, 100mg Prop every 4-5 days) I had blood work done... and my liver enzymes were up a little bit. If I remember correctly it was like 79 or something like im going this week to check it out again to make sure everything is ok. hopefully it was the gear and not some virus that i "acquired." OOR it could be that I use a lot of B12 which could be liver toxic. but either way i would stay away from juice at least a month prior to any test. Good luck