Anyone tried N02 ???

I went through 2 bottles and did not gain a pound and I did exactly as the book tells you. It did seem to give me bigger pumps at the gym (specially on Bi day). Other then that it was a big waste of alot o' money.
Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the warning. Was gonna try it. BTW Cayenne pepper and niacin are also vasodialators if you just want to be more vascular. The former comes in capsules and the latter in pill form. Niacin is not too comfortable though.
Honestly its all BS and over priced
All it is is L Argine which is an amino acid usually found in sexual enhancement blends
If you took 4g of Arginine before your workout you will get great pumps, and its a 1/3 of the cost of NO2,
all it does is oxygenate the blood, and that increases curculation, which in turm dialates the blood vessells as it increases oxygenation, which will make you appear more vascular through out, your workout!
NOW BEWARE, if you have the herpes complex, when you take Arginine, make sure you supplement Lysine
I used it last summer and the perpetual pump thing is BS but I did get good pumps while training.One thing i will add is that my strength did go up quite a bit,this has also been the same for a few of my friends who tried it.