Arnold Classic Predictions?


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Looks like the concensus is that Cutler will take this one easily. Anyone feel different? Lets hear your Arnold Predictions.
Actually, I thought that for his first O and as quickly as he just turned pro, that he had a very solid outing. I think it was the GNC Pro that hurt the little bit of mystique that he had going there for awhile.
im not a big fan of atwoods. hes got a really weird shaped body.

im a big cormier fan but i cant see him dethroning cutler. cutler has had a whole year to add even more muscle. this is going to be a great arnold.
Definately Cutler. And after that He will take out Gunter and Ronnie for the "O" Definately. No one carries as much mass as he does and keep those abs. Gunter is waaay too wide waist and his shoulders need some synthol to really widen it out more but keepin it round and not so fuckin obvious like those other idiots.
skinnyhb said:
is levrone doing the arnold? if he is, i dont think it will be quite as easy as everyone thinks for jay.

I agree with you in a sense but remember, Levrone did the Arnold last year as well and ended up in 5th. So you never know.
levrone over the last couple years has only been able to do well once a year and that is usally at the mr.o. i dont see him doing any better then 3rd at the arnold. although he has looked great at the last 3 olympais.