AROMASIN positive/negative.... and other anti-e's


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I was thinkin about Aromasin so id like to hear what all the knowledgable bro's on here have to say.
On one hand, it supposedly lowers SHBG thus creating more free test and helping growth. On the other it blocks all aromatase enzymes, stopping all estrogen conversion that some say help for growth.
So what im wondering is will Aromasin actually be more beneficial to growth or detrimental?

Im lookin to JUST keep bloat off during the summer since i live on the beach, but i want to suppress growth at the same time as little as possible. I know how much the water is vital to growth with dbol, so i wont be starting my anti-e until 4 weeks into my cycle when Dbol is done with.
if all ur doing is d-bol, and u arent to scary , just use nolva and proviron. a-dex is next up on my list, and letro next. U shouldnt have that much of a problem with d-bol bro.
LOL nooooo. Im not that dumb. My cycle is
1-10 test
1-4 dbol
6-12 fina

I was just sayin the water is part of what helps you grow from the dbol. After the dbol is done i want to get rid of the bloat.
i would definately go with dex or letro then,,, will get the job done quickly... I believe letro is better myself..although potent as