aromasin ?


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If I was to be taking 400mg every week as part of a contest diet, what aromasin dosage would you recommend per day?

Also, does anyone think that using such a strong anti-e like aromasin is really that much better then liquidex considering that 400mg every week is really not that much test.
Being that it is for a contest prep and will harden you up more than liquidex I would think it to be advatageous in that respect. (but then again I have never competed, so....)
Here is a what Billy had to say about it;

Billy_Bathgate said:
Here are my thoughts....

From studies that show 85-90% anti-aromatation, and compared to fem and ari's of ~50%...then adding in my own experience I conclude the following:

25mg ARomasin = 2mg ARi = ~5mg Fem

Also, because of Aromasins permanent effects via suicidal inhibition, EOD or possibly E3D dosing is possible, as the effects last 2-3 days even after the removal of the drug.

Aromsain also seems to be the easiest on the Cholesterol levels, but someone once said other wise. I have only read positive things about it though, and I know my cholesterol was able to be maintained in an acceptable range while using it. I did however also use Nolva and eat right with lots of monosaturated fats.

Now look at cost factor. Ari is around $2, Arom is around $3.50

You save $.50 right there.

As far as complete estrogen suppresion, I for one dont think its every possible for complete. Furthor more be smart with your dosing. I suggest the following

<500 Test 25mg E3d
<750 Test 25mg EOD
<100mg Test 25mg ED

Thast just from my experience. Adjust as nessicary.

PS..I swear I dont own stock in Aromasin :) lol