at what dose can deca be used to :


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at what minimum dose can i use deca to be a help for elbo,back,shoulder,issues...i am on 150 mgs of cyp wk for trt.but would like to cycle in something for a while.

is there truth to deca having "healing" properites?


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ive never used deca but i have friends that have, and a few of them say them can tell that they are gettin the "healing" effects around 450mg weekly. But since your once testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) at 150mg weekly, you definately would wanna up the dose on the test if you are going to run deca. I wouldnt run 150mg of test, with 150 mg of deca. test should always be higher than deca.


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I'm on a test deca cycle (7 weeks in) and I can't say it's done shit for my right shoulder joint...


Yes there IS truth to the 'healing' properties of deca, more precisely, lubrication of the joints. And there are some bro's here claiming that 50mg/week is sufficient for a noticeable effect. But I'm not sure I believe them, it seems awfully low.


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Yes there IS truth to the 'healing' properties of deca, more precisely, lubrication of the joints.

That's NOT "healing"...more like masking the discomfort, and if it's from an injury, then masking the pain can actually not be a good thing.


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200mg/wk helps me a touch and 400mg/wk works good. But like StoneCold said it only masks the pain. I get off Deca and I freaken hurt again within a few weeks.


Deca does seem to help with tendon, muscle and bone injuries. I would suggest taking 100mg every week (which is a low dosage). Also consider combining this with Glocozamine (you can buy this at most health stores) and it really does work. Finally, be sure to do lots of stretching. With this combination, you will hopefully overcome your injuries.