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Happy belated 4th of July everyone, thank you to all of our current clients without you we wouldn't be here.

I wanted to take a moment to give a short reminder that IMT is one of the fastest TRT clinics in the country with same and next day Dr Consultations and 3-5 business day delivery on prescribed medications.

If you know anything about the TRT industry this is lightning fast.

Lately we have had some issues with current clients and new clients placing requests and then repeatedly calling the next day wondering where their medication is. This is frustrating and time consuming.

One thing we would like to point out is that this is not the supplement industry, these are controlled substances and there is a ton of red tape involved in getting your TRT meds dispensed lightning fast. Its not a matter of pulling something off the shelf and shipping out the same day.

The second thing we would like to point out is that repeatedly calling the office or the pharmacy does not make your request go out any faster.

Waiting until you are out of medication before requesting your refill and then calling the office everyday is unacceptable and its possible we may not be able to work with you if the relationship heads down this road.

We value each and every one of our clients and have great reviews on end success and turn around time so please don't take this the wrong way, but we felt the need to put this on paper so everyone has a clear understanding of what is to be expected.

Once you put in a request with IMT we process it within 24 hours, then once the pharmacy receives they process it within 72 business hours. I want to stress this is really fast and some online models take weeks for you to receive medication.

Unfortunately we can never "hurry" or "rush" a prescription request as we process everything immediately as it comes in. The pharmacies we work with are large pharmacies with 50 state licensing that are processing up to 2500 prescriptions per day. So unfortunately we cannot call them to "rush" a prescription request either. Calling them or repeatedly emailing them only slows them down.

If you put your refill request in 1-2 weeks before running out you will NEVER have an issue.

So to be clear IMT can get you in front of one of our physicians within 24 hours, we turn all requests around in real time and submit them immediately to the pharmacy and the pharmacies we work with process everything right away too. This is a 72 business hour process.

So please gentleman, and ladies, once you put in your prescription please allow at least 3 business days before inquiring about your requested medications as repeated emails and calls only slow our process down as well.

Again I would like to thank each and every one of our clients many of which have been with us 8 years now. We wouldn't be here without you.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask below :D
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