average strength increases


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Hey all,

Just wondering what kind of strength increases you
usually see during a first cycle, or cycles that follow there after..

I always felt that size and strenght go hand in hand,

However looking at a powerlifter and a bodybuilder kinda
shoots that theory down.

I think Arnold said..."if i wanted to lift heavy things for a living
i would have gotten a job as a brick layer"...(dont quote my quote)

But...did you guys generally see excellent increases in size
and weight instead of perhaps having an increase of 50 lbs
on a bench press?..
bro not to give you the run around but there is no set answer , besides the fact that we are all individuals , there is the type of as you use some add more strength than others and there is the type of training you do everything else equal heavy compound movements [ squat/deadlift/bench ] done in the 3-6 rep range will add more strength than endless reps of cablecrossovers, concentration curls etc
i had been a disciple of AST's Max OT training..

plain and simple they said that for best results
of mass nothing more than 6 reps and nothing lower
than 4 reps.. for everyone ...no matter... what i did put on some nice size before i crossed over to the dark side..

and as you said, everyone is different...so im considering changeing
my routine a little
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dawg is correct, it does depend on the individual..and there is a corelation between size and strength, with strength gains, you will increase in size....but, it depends on what gear and what you want to do...most find it better to bulk, and then cut up...i think it is easier that way..unless you already have a good mass base...endless reps will shape you and less reps as he indicated will strengthen you and put on size...i generally train in the 5-8 rep range and when on i blew up my weights in all my exercises...i lift for strength anyhow...not to be a bb...there are many books out there for training, if you want to be strong, ed coans book has some good training routines in it...it is up to you and the gear you chose...and what gear werwe you planing on trying if you were going to try just out of curiosity....i have also found it is better to go into a cycle with a solid training program also...you can generally figure a good one out for you while off or being natural...you will know how your body adapts, and watch the overtraining also, it is easy to fall into on a cycle since the strength, stamina and motivation is there....

That question is alot like, "how much for a cycle?" there is no way of giving that answer unless you are specific as to how long you want to be on and what you want to take, as well as how much of it you want to take. Maybe give us an indication as to what you are gonna do.
im doing the 500 mg test and 300 mg deca cycle.. per week to 10 weeks
1st cycle.

My curiosity was more along the lines of...

"Hey I didnt increase my bench by 50 lbs in 10 weeks-should I be

Im not looking to be a powerlifter but being 6'3 its always
been hard to put on mass...I currently weigh in at 240-
It looks like ive put on about 8 lbs and im gonna be entering
the 4 the week of my cycle., my girl has def seen in increase in my overall size too...I def. have seen increases in my
squats but not so much my bench presses...maybe
an increase of about 5 reps, when i could only do 4 reps prior.

I know there is no def. yes or no answer to this...
It's been my experience that strength & mass gains don't have anything to do with each other off or on cycle.

It's much more about what type of workout you're doing (low rep basic movements vs mid-rep non-basic movements) and of course calories calories calories.