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I've been lurking here for quite some time and enjoy the sharing of knowledge without some of the childish nastiness I see on other fora.

So I'm a 43 year old male New Yorker (born and raised), divorced, two awesome sons ages 10 and 7.

Got into weight training in high school to support my basketball and baseball development but then ultimately started reading the magazines and was enthralled with what guys like Haney and Yates had accomplished.

It was probably a good 10 years after I started training that I started AAS and I've used just about everything over the years.

I'm 6'3 and currently 226lbs on a 600mg of test per week and 600mg if EQ. It's been 14 weeks and I'm going to start incorporating 100mg EOD of Mast Prop for the rest of the summer to see if I can further tighten up and maybe give an extra strength boost.

I haven't been using many orals over the last ten years and my favored compounds are:

Longer-estered Tests
Masteron (usually E but only the P was available this time)
Deca (now that cabergoline has gotten a lot cheaper!!!)
Dbol (rarely use this anymore but it's fun for the pumps and strength gains; cheap too and usually dosed nicely)

The second level of favorites are:
Bold Cyp
Primo (cost is the issue here)

Compounds I flat-out don't like:
Tren (insomnia and sweating just kill me; I want to feel good on a cycle and Insimply don't with tren)

Winstrol (effective, yes, but as I've gotten older, the joint issues are just brutal and no matter how much water and potassium I injest, i tend to cramp so I haven't used this is a few years)

Oh, and I've had a some fairly serious spine issues over the years including a '14 surgery which had me in the hospital for 6 days so there are limits to how far I want to push the weights these days. 6'3 at 225-235lbs is about as far as I can go and maybe 220-230 is the right body weight in the next five years.

All the best,

Hey I just saw this post and I am wondering why no one welcomed you yet. Maybe I missed something ??

So anyway welcome to the board from me and the other regular members and Vets. :