barbell benched pressed today

House you are one strong M-F'er......damn bro 150lb dumbell inclines. Shite......Tell you what the next time I got a guy who needs his head severed from his shoulders I'll call you....Keep it up man, good luck with your cutting........keep us posted.
Ya thats what I meant brother......I need someone to kick my ass in the gym.I can,t train with anyone
Damn bro! By the looks of you(HUGE) I would of guessed that :biggthump

Damn Ballys where I'm at, D-Bells only go to 100's.. :(
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yea no shit.. bro, there are 2 Ballys in my city.. 1 has them at 100, the other which was built in '99, has 85's.. I couldnt believe it!
KILLER weight house. good numbers forsure.. i did a personal best MAX bench last week of 350 for 1 rep, i was so pumped, im getting up there slowly, but surely, cant wait to pull reps out at that weight. keep t up bro and let us know how the cutting goes.
house1 said:
ken, i just cant understand why a gym will only go as high as 100lbs on dumbells

Cause most people can't hoist them badboys like you can bro!! PLUS(and I think this is the major reason), if some chump does manage to get those(or heavier) into position for a lift, I think that most gym owners assume that they will be dropped, and they will have to end up replacing them. That costs money(dbells are what---.45/lbs. at least)and it might just be too big an ass pain. I know at the gym I lift, the 120's are coated with rubber, have caps on the end to protect the allen-key screw, yet still the fucking mooks lifting at my gym somehow managed to actually bend them. That's right, they're BENT...not broken...B-E-N-T! You know how hard you gotta slam those things on a repeated basis to fucking BEND THEM? Hard & often is your answer.

I was chatting with one of the guys at my gym who is notorious for dropping dbells. He has been at this gym for a long time(like 10 years--as long as me), but hasn't made gains at all over that period of time, becuase he continues to do shit with bad form, which includes dropping weights left & right. Anyhow, he said to me that the gym manager bitched him out for dropping the 60's while doing militaries. He said "ya, there's no way you CAN'T drop those". Now normally, I wouldn't say fuckall about it, or to anyone who drops the dbells, since it aint my gym and I just want to be left alone to do my thing, right?! But that day I felt moody I guess, so I says to this dumbass..."Bullshit bro! If I can sit up with the fucking #120's at #200, then your big ass can surely NOT have to drop the fucking SIXTIES on militaries, considering you weigh in at over #300"! He looked at me like he was expecting me to agree with him that you can help but drop the weights, and was shocked to hear that I opposed his views. He was pissed! O well.
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good job house1. I am still amazed at your ability to do dips with that much weight. You have some great strength in your triceps bro. My flat bench always goes down after doing only db's for a while.
My gym only goes up to 100 lbs, that's really not that much. It funny to see other people look at you in awe when you bench with those.