BD Anavar???


Anyone try the British Dispensary Anavar? Is it any good? I was thinking about getting some, so I wanted some feedback.:confused:
This would be the same as C&K which was tested good as far as I know. I know Canuck4 tested it but I'm not sure if he's using it yet.
Yep, the C&K tested out great.
I havent started them yet.
Im not sure if The British Dispensery and British Dragon are from the same manufacturer.
I saw that C&K has 50mg. Anavar (var) out also! That would be great to have, but I highly doubt it would get through customs right now? Any thoughts?
There are mixed reviews on the 50mg, I seen one lab test said they were 46mg and other that said there was no Anavar (var) in them. So I would take chance with when they become available again