BDL products, board members thoughts????


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OK I have posted asking questions about this line of gear a couple times already, but this is a new question.........I read a post the other day that said the BDL primo tested poorly. Any known problems with there other products????? I would like to know specifically about there Test enanthate, cypiomax, T-500, D-bol, Anadrol, and ancillarie products. How do you feel there line rates against euro gears and other reputable co's....... any input would be appreciated.......thanks bros.
everyone on cutting edge has used it and has said its some of the best stuff out there,im a week into the prop/tren combo its painless is all I can say for now.
If someone said it tested poor I would like to see a copy of the lab assey for proof ....I wouldnt believe it till I seen it !!!
the tren/prop/eq i had was def legit. there primo tested fake, but it is believed it was ther supplier who sold them fake powder, because its ther only product to get a bad review.