Before Purchasing next cycles...?


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I have a few questions.

1. Do YOU believe from experience, that Human Grade is better than Vet? Considering the price is a lot higher, what makes Human the choice over Vet?

2. What is the shelf life of a 50ml Jug of vet enanthate? If it will be good long enough, i was thinkin about gettin a 50ml jug and use it for my next two cycles. First one starts in May, second will start end of Oct.
1 If I could get Human grade at the same price as vet grade I would use it.. however.. the vet grade is fine as long as the company is legit

2. Your jug should be fine for the first cycle but it will not be good for the second cycle.. so you should send the rest to me :) Im kidding your jug will be fine..just store it in a cool dry place and outta sunlight
I prefer human grade to vet. Less pain and much better quality. There really isn't that much of a price difference if you go international.