Best AS with the least side effects.?

We need more information about you. Also, you might want to do some research of your own first.
hmm ok, this is only a thought of mine if there is a drug that isnt that harmful for the body, dick and internal organs.. ?

By the way, Great site!
EQ & Anavar ? Ok this will show that i am a real noob, but i dont have any idea of what they are for drugs
And what are the side effects of them?

Ive hear that u easily get canser in youre balls if you use AS.. is this true?
NO it's not ture, if it was no one could be on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). If it runs in your family or you already have it, it'll advance it faster, but it won't cause it.

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Easto said:
We need more information about you. Also, you might want to do some research of your own first.
Yes, your age, weight, height and years training. The rseach will help you know what will work for you, you know your body better then any of us

JohnnyB said:
Hey what about primo :p


I just listed two, anyway someone who is asking the questions he is asking, I highly doubt would be able to get legit Primo anyway. I think he needs to do alot more research on gear before he decides to take AAS.
I'm on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) so maybe I'm biased, but why does nobody ever mention low-dose testosterone?

My shots are 400mg of Test Cyp and my only side effects are feeling incredible and great gains in the gym.

And there are multiple studies showing *no side effects* at 600mg/wk.

My first cycle was oxandrolone and I had side effects loss of appetite and gut wrenching cramps.
BUFFDAWG10: to answer youre question if i can or cant get as then YES, i can get that and about every other thing i want.

How have you guys done before you started?? did u go and test youre bload or something for canser? Now that u got me thinking about it JohnnyB, how do u take a canser test?

thanks fpr the help!
Bro I'm on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), my Dr checked me every 3 months to see if their was any changes in my prostrate. After 1 year he noticed some hardening so he did a biopsy on it, it came back negative. I do have family history of cancer too.

Bast said:
hmm ok, this is only a thought of mine if there is a drug that isnt that harmful for the body, dick and internal organs.. ?

None of them are harmfull if you aren't stupid. Anavar would have the least side effects, costly, and low on the gains scale.

The less muscle the drug builds, the less chance for sides.
I would have to say primo and anavar!!!... EQ gives me anxiety like a mofo!!!!..

Bro check out the drug profiles as Easto suggested there is tons of info there... you will get all theinfo you are looking for and more!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!1
Bast, you need to do a lot more reading about steroids. You're definitely not ready for anything now!

The safest anabolic steroids are Primobolan (Methenolone) and Anavar (Oxandrolone) by far. If your main concern is safety, then try these. Once you get some experience and adequate steroid knowledge you will learn that any cycle can be a safe cycle if you know what your doing. Right now, I'd recommend you to read as much as you can about steroids. All the info is out there in front of your face, you just need to absorb it.

PS - I hope that your spelling ability isn't any indication of your reading skills. :D
Thanks for the help bro´s! JohnnyB: What´s HRT??

DUANABOL: hehe dude, I am actually English.. but the thing is i dont spend any time on the computer so i dont know where the fu**ing keys are :) Thanks for the advice!
But still, I will not do any drugs myself, i only want to learn more about it in general!
probably mild doses of either test, deca or primo. Primo is awfully hard to find and expensive. The only problems you should see with mild doses of deca and test, is surpressed HPTA, and slightly lowered HDL. I am talking doses in the 300-400mg of any of them. I am not sure about the affect of primo on blood lipids, but it really doesn't have any other sides except for hair loss. People are naming Anavar (var), but it is going to have a detrimental affect on HDL and is somewhat liver toxic. Definately the least sides for a 17aa oral.
Primo and anavar are virtually non toxic. Low to moderate doses of test can be taken for years without harm as well, in fact after a certain age, test wards off many diseases.