Best place to get Humalin R online?


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I have ordered Humalog online at but I am now looking for humalin R (gonna do 7 iu of humalog and 5 iu of humalin r after workouts). I know Can. pharmacy has it but I'd rather get it domestically since its legal. Any sites you can recommend?

And before anyone asks, YES I know it's legal and I can it at the drugstore but that is NOT an option for me. I have to get it online. Thanks
I guess you guys didn't read the last paragraph? I live in a small town and this is NO OPTION. Anyway, I found a place online on my own. Thanks anyway
No, not for humulin, the pins to shoot it, yes. Humalog is by script only (not sure why, but you can buy humulin OTC) go to a search engine, type in Canadian Pharmacies, and you can find the best Insulin IMO Humalog, which runs about 30-35 Washingtons("Its all about the Washington's Baby, or is it Ben...)
I was almost sure it was OTC everywhere, Humulin that is, since if someone is traveling, and needs their insulin, thye have to give it to you.
I face the small town dilemma also. My "friend" finds that "setting the stage" rather than just asking outright for slin while looking all beefy will definitely attract suspicion. My friend went into a pharmacy and asked the woman if she had Diabetic Medic Alert Bracelets (Puts in her mind that he is Diabetic). Then he asked for Glucose tabs and then the Humulin. Although it is OTC, pharmacists tend to feel it is their professional responsibility to thwart abuse of pharmaceuticals (not that us Diabetics would do that). If you go in there flashing 200 lbs of muscle and say, "I'd like some Humulin." You may as well say, "I need some anabolicus maximus." This may sound like a huge production but I can sympathize as I live in Redneck Central. My town is so small that EVERYONE knows when you fart. Hope this helps.
One of my best friends is diabetic and uses Humalog and can get me some. Now if i want humalin R, can he get it for me at the pharmacy here in Jersey? How much will it run me about?