Best Test?


Livin' the dream....
Is there a simple way to decide which Test. is best?
Cyp.? Enan.? Prop.? Sus.?

I am in the last week of my first cycle (500mgs Test E, a week for 10 weeks) and started to buy gear for for my second cycle down the road.

Gonna be BD Decca and I was thinking Test Cyp.?

Just planning ahead, any thoughts?

37/6'0/180/10%bf/gym rat
It's all the same hormone. The only difference is the ester(s) which will determine the frequency with which you will need to inject it. Other then that, they are basically the same for our purposes.
StoneColdNTO said:
Test is test is test.

No wonder you're so ornery when you come visit the congo lounge.Answering the same noob questions over and over.You should come visit more often and BS like you use too,it will help with the blood pressure.
just like i tell everybody else...gas is gas some is high octane but it does the same job 200.300 375mg..etc..some just get released in a timely fashon in you system thats all...good luck