Big Laugh


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Check out this thread over at another board. I almost died laughing!!!

My ex just got sentenced to a few years in Jail. I have as he says, $14,000-$17,000 street value of stuff. He told me to find a steroid message board and and try and sell it there. I can't sell it to his friends, as he thinks 1 of them is responsible for him getting in trouble. He has over 500 amps of Sustanon250 over 300 amps of deca 200mg 8000 winstrol 10mg tabs and over 12,000 pink Dbol tabs just over 1,000 Androlic(Anadrol) 35 finiplix(10 dose cartridges) 3 HGH kits in my fridge.. It says Eurotech 126 iu's.. 4 bottles of Humalog(Insulin) I just wrote it as he did for me.I am not going to do 50 emails back and forth. If you want it, it's all yours. I want this stuff out of my Refridgerator and closet. I know how to pack it. He use to send to friends in california and Ohio all the time. 1st come 1st serve.. I am not shipping to a bunch of different people. 1 person takes all.. 1 Please serious replies only. I don't have time for people who want only parts of this stuff.. All or nothing. <--------- Scammers Email address has been edited out.
OOh I 'm almost out of being an Amateur. Got to post a couple more replies here though. Haha.