Bloat question


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I will be running some form of anti-e to stop bloat from test during my cycle. My question is, half way im throwin in Fina. Will i still need anti-e's to keep the bloat off or will the fina take care of that?
Tren does not convert to estrogen so an anti-e while on tren ALONE is not necessary. If you are still using test with it (which I would) then an anti-e would be beneficial...
if you bloat real bad you can also try a little dandilion root but yeah it wont hurt to stay on anti e's
If you have bloat and running fina. And u want to cut. Try doing allot of Cardio. I usually sweat most of the bloat out when im off test.
fina can produce progestrogen gyno, while it is not common it can happen. same type of gyno as deca. but just cuz your not sensitive to deca does not mean that you will not be with fina.

only thing that works for fina gyno is bromocriptine. play it safe and get some.

over the counter back up. vitex

good luck