Deca/Npp and hairloss true or false


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I use Bioken 'Thick and Full' Biotin Shampoo which contains Minoxidil, saw palmetto, keratin and all this stuff that helps block DHT and regrow hair. I'm on my first bottle and it's working great! My hairline is definitely thicker and lower on my forehead than before I started using it. It's about $20 for a month supply on Amazon - money well spent imo. They also have a conditioner with minoxidil too now which I'll get with my next order, another $20 well spent I'm sure. I am using a conditioner by Re-line but it doesn't have minoxidil. I also use Nizoral shampoo periodically. Regular rogaine I can't stand because I don't like having sticky rogaine on my head for 4+ hrs or while I'm sleeping.

thats good to hear man. i need it too.