Bloating, any remedies?


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Sup Guys,

I was curious to know if you guys use anything to help control the moments of bloating. Between all the creatine, protein shakes, eggs, broccoli and other things I swell up like a beach ball at times.

Are there any sups that help with this?
Switch to CEE and cut down on the salts/sugar. If you're eating a lot of packaged meats and canned veggies, the sodium is really high and that might be the reason for the bloat.
yeh, take CEE and you could try a different kind of protien
I actually don't think the protein is the problem, it's iso mix and I never had problems with iso. You guys are probably right about the creatine though, I'm using a mono blend, guess I will back of the intake a little then get some cee once I run out.

Also, my sugar and salt intake is almost nothing. I'm drinking lots of water throughout the day and if its not water its a protein shake.

Oh, by the way, could you guys recommend a good cee blend?