Blood Flow Restriction bands.


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On facebook these elastic bands are all over the place on my timeline. Basically "put these bands on, lift 20% of your 1RM to failure and amazing muscular changes happen. I asked for their research and studies and got links. I clicked two of them and they had pretty small numbers of participants.

Increase in myogenic stem cells:

Bench press study:

Affects on Myostatin Gene expression:

Affects on Blood pressure:

Walk study:

Increase in hypertrophy without muscle damage:

Study on safety:

Meta-Analysis on BFR:

Effects on coagulation (blood clotting):

Cognitive improvement:

16 week study on women:

A method to standardize the blood flow restriction pressure by an elastic cuff:

Effects on Aerobic Performance:

Rapid increase in Growth Hormone:

Poked at the page about small numbers of the two studies I clicked on and got another "meta-analysis"

""" I would suggest you check out the 11 other articles I sent above, most of which is peer reviewed research. Here’s a good meta-analysis which included 400 participants over 19 studies:

I'll lose these to my newsfeed and notifications so I'm making this thread and I know members here have experience at reading through studies and seeing problems with them.

If the links are against the rules I apologize. I'm not linking any products and dont endorse them. I just like digging. I've read lots of "studies" over the years. Since I asked for references I'm going to go through them.


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Thanks for posting.. I just switched my routine to a bit lighter weights but am afraid of losing muscle mass.. so I ordered these today on amazon...