Blood tests


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What is the average cost to have blood work done? I want to see my test levels DHT and estrogen. No Insurance either.
Call Quest Diagnostics they are a national lab that alot of dotors use and have locations all over the country.

I received my bill from my insurance today, which shows how much Quest charged and how much they covered. I don't mean to scare you but the bill was for $723.35 and they covered all but $124.90. I had a standard blood test done, which includes a composite metabolic panel, lipid panel, TSH, T4, blood counts and total testosterone.

They don't provide a quote on their website, but I imagine a physician could get one for you. You need a requisition from an MD for them to perform the blood work anyway.

Hope this helps.

I got my blood work done no insurance & it was only a $100 it was through quest. just go to the doc. pay office visit & quest or whoever will bill you later