Blue Diamond Labs ? Anyone Anyone ??


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Whats the dilly on these products...... I heard there steril, painless and of human quality.....anyone have a firsthand experience ?
I know the guy says he a legit chemist, but GY would know the most about him. Heard he has hgh from the same lab that Lilly and Serono get theirs from.

Very good.

I let myself go since I got sick last year. I acquired 50mls of the Prop/Fina to go with my Eq after I started going back to the gym consistently. I've had no problems with the stuff. The bottle goes empty this week and I've been catching the other regular gym members staring at me. I leaned out and my veins are standing. I'm not summer shape yet but I have time.
Heard some really good things about them myself. Heard all the gear is painless. Well I hope so