Body hair removal - What method do you prefer?


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For those of you who like to keep the bodyhair to a minimum, what method do you use to do so? A lot of guys shave, obvious of course. Ive recently been thinking about just nairing my whole body. Anyone have any good advise on that method? And no, waxing aint gonna happen but post up anyways if you get yourself waxed so I can cringe.
The problem is that I have hair from head to toe, so if I shave my chest you can see a clear division where I stopped and it looks I have to do my whole body.

Anyways, I just use a shaver on my legs (a head shaver, it cuts real short and I do'nt have to bear with the irritation of it growing back in). I use nair on my ass...though it can get a little sensitve sometimes and it doesn't always remove everything. Shave chest most of the time, haven't touched arms yet.
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Link me then :flipoffha

too lazy. so ill just say. ive done everything from shave, to nair to wax. i honestly think that nair is the best. shaving is easier but you have to do it more often. waxing just hurts too fucking much and leaves me looking really red. I can nair my arms and there good for about a week...cant put nair on my chest cus its too sensative. . . be carful not to leave it on too long or you can get a burn that'll scar up real nice.
I've been looking into Spiro for body hair. Seems to be promising as its used to treat hirsutism in women with a lot of success. It's weird how it has complete opposite effects on the scalp but apparently some have seem long term hair removal with it. I read the study awhile back but haven't been able to find it lately.
I shave my arms. Never tried Nair, tried Veet before, didn't do shit. I waxed before, talk about PAINFUL!
I just rely on the old stand-by...Mach 3

Tried Nair in the past, wasn't impressed.

Laser hair removal would be option numero uno if I were a rich man.
Shave my chest.......Nair for Men on my back-the Nair for Men is good because if you have sensative skin like me it doesn't burn like the regular Nair.
I do want to try waxing....maybe this summer!
Do ladies use nair on their vertical smiles?? If not, why? - - yes, this IS related...cuz I said so.
nair for men works awesome. just dont get on your nippless. they will blister and scab. and hurt real bad for like a week. trust me lol
when i shave my chest i always get ingrown hairs and have raizer burn cause my chest is so sensetive and i think i once used nair and my skin was on fire and i think i left it on to long....OUCH!
I have sensitive skin as well, I cannot shave at all. Thats why i was skeptical about nair.

Anyone use nair successfully, who cant shave due to ingrown hairs and/or sensitivity?

Thats my main question.