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i noticed when they do dumbell presses they dont face there palms tottaly down. does this affect the full contraction or development of the muscle at all?

also i noticed theires a lot of machine use in their. Do u guys use machines at all. i dont exept for cables. i would use a few but id rather just spend some more time on free weights.
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People do...I don't.
Put together well. Stopped it..mid way. I seen all there videos.

That quote by Henry Rollins was awesome.

And do you notice how Jay is not in it too much? He duzzent get all "hardcore" like Ronnie and Markus...and yet he's Mr. O. Jay's the MAN.
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simpllyhuge said:
jaycutler is probly my favorite body builder but he doesnt have much of a personality.

Bodybuilders aren't known for their gallant whits...that's why Arnold was/is such a superstar. Today they are pretty much bland.