boil off the ba


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i put vial(test enth) in pot off water with pin in top to vent ba. brought to a boil(not to let the oil inside vial boil) and then shut off burner and let cool. thing is when i remeasured the vial the same amount was in there?? making me think that i was unsuccessfull and evaporating the extra ba?? anybody have any input? now the vial is cloudier(tiny tiny little bubbles it looks like, could this be from measuring the oil from syringe to syringe several times?
The ba did not and will not evaporate out. You actually increased the oils solubility by heating it, and you have ADDED water vapor to the oil during the process.

With the low cost of both raw materials and solvents, just make a new batch or dilute the current one with oil.
im not making my own, just wanting to rid some of the ba to make injection less painful for the days after. is it still safe to inject? or did the water vapour i added contaminate it???
Many guys assume it is the BA causing pain when in fact it is not.

If the gear was good prior to what you did, then it should still be fine now. Adding a little water to your oil certainly isn't ideal (water and oil are soluable in each other), but the water itself shouldn't hurt.