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borrowed from"thechef"

French toast.
8 egg whites, with 2 whole eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
Bakery wheat bread (or whit if you perfer) but not the cheap 99 cent loafs, they get soggy and are a pain in the ass to work with.

Beat eggs and whites together using a fork. Add milk and vanilla and continue to beat till you have a smooth mix, no air bubbles. If you get air bubbles, set aside for a few minutes to let them disapate. Soak bread in mixture, both sides. Place in frying pan (sparyed with non-stick pam) and brown both sides. Sprinkle with cinnamon and powdered sugar for taste. I've even gone as far as ading vanilla protein mix to the mixture of eggs, but tends to lump up, use a beater if you wanna do this.

One of my favorites, but not the healthiest.
Eggs, hashbrown and sasauge mix.
10 egg whites
4 hasbrown squares, I perfer the cheddar squares.
1 package sausage links. (I use brown sugar and honey links)

Brown links till desired taste, slice into smaller pieces. Brown hasbrowns and break up while cooking into smaller pieces. Add egg whites and whole eggs (beat ahead of time). Mix together the hashbrowns and eggs, cook till eggs are almost done. Add sausage and finish cooking till eggs are done. You can also add salsa if desired. Theres a ton of things that can be done with eggs.

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Re: YUM!

Friscochick said:
I love french toast! I will try this.

Can i use syrup? Fat free of course he he

HEY SC! Great recipe bud! I tried this morning with 100% whole wheat bread. fatfree milk and vanilla.. added some fatfree syrup.. and it tasted sooooo good! I thought no way, will this taste great. and it really did!

Thanks hun!:) I'm soo happy!:)