Brewing Fina


College Student
I have searched for a procedure to make trenbolone (as acetate) using the infamous pellets but have came up short. I'm guessing you would need a lipophilic solvent, EVO, filters, and the pellets. Could someone lead me towards a procedure? Thanks In Advance Guys!
here are the steps from for their f-type kit which is what you use for fina from pellets. The instructions are on the website. and finafarm has them to

Step 1
Smash pellets into a fine powder

Step 2
Add powder to dissolving solution (2mls per cart) Shake until fully dissolved up to 15 minutes.

Step 3
Add oil (set aside 5mls), place sealed vial in hot water for 10 minutes to fully release hormones, shake vigorously and dump into coffee filter fixed to a glass or ceramic container. Allow to drip through (this removes binders and fillers) and swirl around gently to help through filter. Once all has passed through just throw away coffee filter ( This does take a long time so you may want to ring the filter to speed things up).

Step 4
Now pull mixture into syringe, attach syringe filter and pin and push through into sterile sealed vial.

Step 5
Now detach filter and pin, pull remaining oil into syringe, attach filter and pin again and push through into mixture until 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100mls is reached in vial. This will purge the filter of any remaining product and complete our conversion.

As long as there are no particles in the final yield you have very clean and sterile product.