British Dragon Done?

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I went on the bd site today, and the posting says that after december 2006, no genuine product will be produced by bd.

Or am I just reading a load of crap?


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There have actually been a few posts regarding BD, some say it will be under a diff name, and it will return soon, however this does duck.


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British Dragon is discontinuing products as of january 2007. the products will still be in circulations through suppliers until probably half way through 2007... and yes there is talks about them opening up under a different name which would be good, but nothing has come out as of yet

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From what I am understanding, British Dragon will most likely not be produced….for at least awhile. None of the three people with share(s) in the company will continue to produce the BD brand of products any longer. Remaining stock of products will be sold by remailers…but it’s uncertain whether anymore will ever be produced. Of course, the three people involved can sort all of it out amongst themselves or sell the company or whatever…but that is speculative at best.
Claims by various sources on the internet, who are simply remailers and such, should be dismissed out of hand as bullshit. I’m suspecting that counterfeits will flood the market after awhile, and people who will claim to have suspiciously large amounts “remaining” from before the company will spring up.


its a good thing my supplier has got SHIT LOADS of legit BD products, cause BD is my fav. TREN and TEST...YUMMY!!! lol