BSN Nitrix

B bOy CrAyOn

Learning the Ways
im all natural right now and i probably will be for a few more years...i was wondering if BSN's Nitrix really does anything or is it just a bunch of shit ?

never used it before so im wondering
yea i wasnt gonna buy BSN's nitrix... that stuff is expensive.... but they sell a different company here that sells it and its way cheaper
If you want good pumps then use CEE and Taurine. Probably alot cheaper than that product and it works real well
what is taurine ? and im guessing cee is creatine ethyl ester or whatever.. i use creatine monohydrate... whats the difference ?
honestly, look into one TP's pre/post workout products like BCAA boost, CELL SWELL matrix, buzz saw, etc. Ive been making a homemade pre workout cocktail for a while now, and these products are all pretty much what i used to separately mix together myself.

They are mostly based around BCAA, CEE, taurine, l-tyrosine, and caffeine. All things that will greatly enhance your workout.