Busted at the Border


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Can anyone share stories about getting busted at the border (TJ specifically)?

Let's say u got caught with 4 - 50 ml bottles of gear...what kinda trouble would u be in?

Any tips on how to avoid the PoPo?

So I am taking that you want to get 4 50ml bottles he he j.k. I have no experience and never want to. Good luck bro
just declare the shit when you cross. a guy i know got caught with gear and he got scared and admitted to what he was doing. they took his shit and fined him $1000.00 then they told him that he was under the legal limit for that med and said he could have passed had he declared the goods. dont take my word for it but i have heard similar things a couple of times from different folks. if its true then you still have to worry about getting stopped once you cross. or you can just stick the shit in your pockets and dont say a goddamn word when they ask if you want to declare. just be very careful with the friendly pharmacists and their street dealer counterparts. they will sell you their organs if you ask but rest assured you will be fingered before crossing. so dont go alone and dont be seen with your friend. have him either buy the shit or take it across, but not both. hope this helps. oh, and i believe thursday is ladies night down in TJ. its been a while so who knows, but you may as well get a piece before crossing back. just in case you get busted.
oh, and if you want to avoid the "PoPo" then do not under any circumstances jaywalk bro. this was a 40 dollar "fine" a couple years ago. and try not to look like a scared lost puppy cause thats typically who they gank first.
oh, and technically only human grade shit can be declared. but i have heard a few guys claim that they were allowed to pass vet shit too, but it wasnt anyone i trusted so who knows.
unless you want to get fined, ticketed and/or arrested on the spot i strongly suggest you don't declare any gear you may have bought in TJ. gear is illegal in the u.s. whether you declare it or not....you declare gear at the border - you are fucked....ancillaries can be declared if you have the appropriate documentation.

be smart and keep your mouth shut and you should be ok.
don't declare any of that stuff at TJ.

some people report that other border crossings will let you get away with some human-grade, and may not realize that vet is vet... but I wouldn't risk it there either.

they way they're getting hard on Rx meds at the NL border (fuck Fox news BTW), I wouldn't even consider crossing with both Rx that you're declaring and stuff you're not declaring at the same time...
Maybe we should tell them were getting sex changes and its estrogen.

I have heard of paying someone $20 to run it across for you (mexican resident), dont know how successfull that is though, those guys can get caught too. For $20 though if it was reliable shit I'd do it.

Good luck
$20.00 sounds a little cheap maybe $50-75.00 and that's only a guess, I don't know anyone that does it.

I know you can buy a house in Sonora for $300, I dont know about TJ economy compared to there.
I have no idea what your chances of being searched are, but keep this in mind: if you buy gear in the U.S. you are guilty of possession -- not good but probably not the end of the world, unless you just bought a ton of stuff. If you try to cross the border with even a small amount and they bust your ass, you are now guilty of illegal importation, and I would be willing to bet that the penalties for importation are much more harsh than the penalties for mere possession. As far as California is concerned, for example, first time possession is a misdemeanor, whereas importing is most likely a felony. I am not trying to scare you bro, for all I know you will be just fine, but I think that you should be fully aware of the possible consequences of what you might do.
When I was in the military I was stationed in corpus christi TX, 2 1/2 hours or so away from the border. If anyone in here has ever been in the militarty you know what they pay. Anyways I used to traffic drugs across the border up to houston all the time. Im not a user and didnt have a hopped up car wit hplace windows and 6000 bucks in rims on my car. Just drive something normal and I would recomend going across the border a bunch of times to figure out costums. I used to go at the same time all the time and see the same shift. After you are clean so many times they tend to wave you through. If your gonna do it do your research. Thats my imput. Any other question just pm me.
200 pesos (20dolla) is a very good days pay in mexico so dont offer more that that if you do decide to let a local take the shit across. alot of folks do this and early in the morning is the best time. why? because there are a shitload of locals waiting to "commute " to their better paying 9 to 5 across the border and believe me, the line gets very long. and also, i would take the above advice about not declaring. i just wanted to give you both sides of the coin but i personally would not declare shit. why? cause the amount you can legally take across is probably an amount that will fit nicely in your pockets and they dont typically search your person when crossing. unless you look really nervous. just wear some slightly baggy clothes.
oh, and if you do get busted for some reason, most cops in mexico will accept a bribe. actually, most will subtley ask you if you want to take care of the matter in a non judicial way. anyways, i doubt they will turn you over to US authorities if you do get processed. thats what youre worried about, no? this would mean turning over the med that was in your posession as evidence and they would much rather resell it to the good friendly pharmacist. this is the same in most border towns. hell, its the same in the whole fuckin country. i hope this helps.
Yeah bro make sure you have atleast a couple hundred on ya. You will lose your gear but not your freedom. It seems risky but its really not. Customs really dont look to hard for the small stuff. And Kube is right about holding the gear on you. Normal checks are trunck, hood and a quick pass of the inside of the car. Even if the get a dog out the dont run it over you just the car. Act cool and everything will be alright. I you go during the "rush hour" they will normally just look in the car. They pull over one out of every 5-10 cars during that time.
sooo..i think some may have the misconseption..

actually purchasing gear in Mexico is Illegal and you are actually breaking Mexican laws...however many get away with it because the pharmacy workers, dont give a shit?
kube said:
200 pesos (20dolla) is a very good days pay in mexico
That's true but if they have a passport or green card they're not going to accept $20.00 for a chance to lose it, would you? They've had a taste of the USA and they're in it for the money not as a favor.