Can Ology Sell Steroids Legally?


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It seems to me that ology has a lot of very knowledgeable, well educated good people who are taking steroids to increase their physical health and the overall quality of their lives. Bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters are about as far away from the drug addict/ drug abusing crowd as you can get. Most of the guys here on ology do not have criminal records, have college educations, hold good jobs, are law abiding and pay their taxes. Why is it that bodybuilders who want to take steroids responsibly have to resort to this shady, black market, underground method of obtaining steroids? Is it not true that so long as you have a prescription from a licensed medical doctor that you can legally mail order and use all the testosterone/ HGH that you want? Now I went to see an anti aging doctor in my home province, it was expensive as I had to pay cash but after the testing and physical I had a valid prescription for synthetic testosterone. My doctor knew that I wanted to order my own steroids and did not seem to have a problem with that so long as he was happy with my blood test results. I have a buddy in law enforcement and I talked to him about my prescription and plan to mail order steroids. He said so long as I had a prescription from a licensed doctor my actions were legal. He warned me against purchasing steroids on the black market from someone "without a license to distribute and sell". Now to the best of my knowledge so long as ology people have a prescription they can use all the AAS they want and it is perfectly lawful.
I have an idea. Ology has a lot of smart people who seem to genuinely care about other people using steroids the right way. Why not set up a legal ology steroid distribution program. Ology could get a lawyer on board, a licensed doctor specializing in AAS use. Now let's say Joe Blow in Iowa wants to legally order some steroids from ology. Joe talks to Dadawg about it and gets dialed in with the best way to run his first cycle. Ology mails Joe Blow a packet with a disclaimer form for him to sign and an ology steroid physical assessment form for Joe Blow's doctor to fill out which includes preliminary bloodwork. The ology lawyer examines the disclaimer and the ology doctor examines the medical report from Joe Blow's doctor. Now once the ology requirements have been met Joe Blow's doctor writes him a prescription for synthetic testosterone. Ology then air mails Joe Blow his gear and Dadawg monitors his cycle online with him to make sure there are no problems. Joe Blow continues to see his physician and forwards his blood test results to the ology doctor for evaluation. Shaptown has a chemistry degree and already makes his own steroids from powder. Ology guys like shaptown guarantee the authenticity and quality of ology steroids. Joe Blow is now a happy man. He has expert advise, is making great gains and is legally and lawfully using steroids under the guidance and supervision of his doctor and the ology team. Ology seems to promote the responsible, educated use of steroids. Why not also promote the legal use of steroids. Personally I would sign up and order my gear from here if it was legal.
Now ology would probably have to start a pharmaceutical company to do this and I am sure the liability insurance would be high but the customer base is already here. There is a lot of money to be made with my idea and if anti aging doctors can do it why not the ology group. You could incorporate and sell stock for startup money I would buy stock in this new company. Noone is doing this online.....selling steroids legally with a prescription and there is a huge, huge need for it.
So what does everybody think about my idea?????????
seems like a lot to do when i could just use who ive been using for quite a long time and wait a week or two. i think would be great for new users, but there has to be some legal issues there that would take forever or be near impossible to sort out to make them a "legal supplier". im not a expert on the law or anything, im just assuming licenses and whatnot would be impossible to get. Plus youre still gunna have to get a doctor that says "you need trt" when you really dont anyway to write you a script or ok it. and i belive they would never approve the doses it takes to be on the muscle building side of things vs. the "standard testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) dose". Ive never seen a doctor perscribe a gram of test a week to a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) paitient. ideally it would be great if it could be done and better yet if people wanted to do it, but realistically i dont think it can.
I think that it can be done realistically and the idea is not only feasible but profitable.....very profitable. There are no rules concerning testosterone replacement therapy and dosages and besides any doctor can prescribe any amount of any drug they want to any patient. The doctor of course is legally responsible for the patient but the bodybuilding dosages i.e. 750 mg per week and up have not been shown to cause harmful side effects and there is no medical evidence to support the concept these dosages should ever be against medical advice. It is the illegal use of steroids by athletes the "doping" which has given steroids a bad name not responsible use. Doctors have prescribed high dosages of steroids to athletes and there were no notable negative side effects. I think my idea is a good one and that it is doable. Steroids powder is cheap and steroids are easy to make. The profit margin is huge. Throw a program with experts like the ones on this site into the mix, make distribution legal and the orders will start pouring in.
Oh and by the way to answer your question......if you ever get caught ordering gear without a prescription you will have will have the charge on your record for the rest of your life. If convicted you could be looking at jail time even for a first offense. it is not worth the risk.....why not just get a prescription and do it legally? It makes more sense.
Steroids are a controlled substance thanks to the almighty US congress, despite testimony from the AMA, DEA, and FDA to not make them illegal. This board used to have a sponsor that did essentially do what you are asking for. Your cop buddy is right, having a prescription is good, but buying from an unlicensed distributor or pharmacy could cause a problem.
Now I know that in the United States steroids are a category 3 drug. I am not suggesting we try to legalize steroids or petition congress. I am suggesting we all get together and legally and lawfully use steroids with prescriptions from licensed doctors (anti aging physicians). If investors could see a guaranteed customer base and profit margin it would be easy to get startup money. I am suggesting we turn ology into a website that educates and advises people about steroids and also legally manufactures and distributes steroids in accordance with the law. I am sure we could all get prescriptions and get with the ology program. Then the good, hardworking, honest people into weightlifting would not have to sneak around and do this shady, black market steroid ordering business. Ology could form a network of anti aging doctors who are part of the program. I am sure the doctors would not object to more patients making their private practices more successful. I am talking about responsible, legal AAS use with a valid prescription here. No laws would be broken. I think the concept is a good one and then steroid users won't have to hide what they do anymore. Steroids can be talked about openly and used legally.
Frowned on by medical community

This is already done via email on many anti-aging sites. You just need an initial exam & labs. Just google anti aging docs. These doctors are looked at, by "real" doctors in the medical community, as little more than "CROAKERS". That is a doctor that will write scrips for junkies to get painkillers, benzos, etc. Real anti aging docs usually operate out of a well established plastic surgery clinic to better their appearance of professionalism.
I am not talking about the anti-aging online doctors which prescribe small amounts for testosterone replacement therapy I am talking about bodybuilding doctors prescribing bodybuilding dosages in conjunction with professional assistance and advice from the ology team. Legal progressive resistance training steroid use under the supervision of experts in the field.
It is not legal for bodybuilding purposes or in bodybuilding doses, so yes you are talking about going to court to legalize it. Otherwise as mentioned, Life Extension already exists, for those that "need" it.
I don't think that is right Mudge I think any doctor can prescribe any dosage of any medication/ drug they want to any patient. I think the law just states you need a prescription. Doctors prescribe medicinal marijuana, high dosages of percocet and vicodin (narcotics), injectable self administered morphine ect. There is no law regulating dosages on anything for any doctor. I once assisted a doctor suturing a laceration on a child's forearm and the doctor used pharmaceutical grade cocaine to anesthetize the wound. Burt Reynold's doctor prescribed him very high dosages of percocet for his jaw pain and he got hooked on the pills pretty bad. Where is the law regulating the amount of AAs a doctor may prescribe.....I know high dosages have been legally prescribed to bodybuilders before. I am curious about this.......????????
..a script does not mean ALL U WANT..a follow up blood test with test level s above maximum natural limit s will result in a reduction of LEGAL lab s were like 1500..or 500 above normal on my doc s scale and he promptly halved my dose..but he s a REAL doc with no desire to bend the law and risk his license to further my desires..and I respect him for that.
If I wanted to go life extension I would..Fla. is like 3 hour s away..I need a script for potential drug test in family court from my ex -unt gf..pass/fail is all I need to have..not level s.
I agree with you TSG..but your plan will never work as long as we and our hobby/ lifestyle is frowned upon by the ever growing fat lazy fuck cable addicted video game playing couch potatoe society which holds people with a scrap of self respect in relation to image and pride in one s appearance/fitness level / strength in disdain .
It drive s them nut s and make s em run for a donut..we re in shape cuz we juice..not cuz we smart..etc..fuck em.
Food channel=porn for fat people.
Can you Buy Steroids online?
Yes, you can buy steroids and legal steroids on the internet. There is an FDA law allowing a 90 day personal supply of medicine. Anabolic steroids are a legitimate legal prescription medicine. Steroids are used for many medical conditions, from HIV/AIDS patients to Cancer patients.

"In 1988 the FDA issued a directive regarding the importation of medications for personal use. This came about as a result of the tremendous pressure the FDA got from senior citizens, aids activists etc. In addition, drug prices were outpacing inflation by some 12%. Their guideline was a 90 day supply, for personal use only."

(b) Schedule III and IV substances

Except when dispensed directly by a practitioner, other than a

pharmacist, to an ultimate user, no controlled substance in

schedule III or IV, which is a prescription drug as determined

under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act [21 U.S.C. 301 et

seq.], may be dispensed without a written or oral prescription in

conformity with section 503(b) of that Act [21 U.S.C. 353(b)]. Such

prescriptions may not be filled or refilled more than six months

after the date thereof or be refilled more than five times after

the date of the prescription unless renewed by the practitioner.

Pub. L. 101-647, title XIX, Sec. 1902(c), Nov. 29, 1990, 104
Stat. 4852, provided that: "Any prescription for anabolic steroids
subject to refill on or after the date of enactment of the
amendments made by this section [Nov. 29, 1990] may be refilled
without restriction under section 309(a) of the Controlled
Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 829(a))."

Now I know there are a lot of smart, well educated people here at ology........I can not find anything in the Steroid Control Act of 1990 or the revision in 2004 which states there is any limit whatsoever to the AMOUNT or DOSAGE a physician may prescribe of AAS to the patient.

Can someone please show me the United States Code which prohibits a licensed medical doctor in the United States from prescribing 750 mg per week to 2,000 mg per week of synthetic testosterone to a patient??????
No no I am no lawyer and have no legal training but I can read U.S.C. just like anyone else.........where is the law that says there is a LIMIT to the amount of AAS a physician can prescribe to a patient???????
..MAY being the operative word...WILL being the variable..
With all the bloodsucking fucking lawyer s out there (a species lower than a snake) most doc s realize, i m o, they are opening the door for potential litigation if something goes wrong like a roid rage resulting in an arrest..bullshit I know..heart trouble, prostate..
I m not busting on you TSG..just saying the fkn lawyer s are the root of most of this countries woe s and I know my doc does not want the heat.
My lab s came back high on test so he had to cover his ass by recommending a lower dose in my testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) file/chart. He know s what I do and know s I ain t a rat..if I have a problem caused by roids it ll be my problem. I ll never go get me a beak nosed litigater to shift blame.
Yes I understand the liability Teutonic and that is why ology will need a lot of umbrella liability insurance to cover frivolous lawsuits. The doctors in the area of each ology "consumer" would be covered under that insurance policy. The doctors would sign on with ology and the customers using AAS would all sign disclaimers waiving their right to pursue litigation in the event of unwanted sides from AAs use. ology would have a legal team and licensed doctors onboard. What I am talking about is ology LEGALLY and LAWFULLY distributing steroids to guys like us and MONITORING our progress i.e. bloodwork and online forum for advise.

My idea is doable and there is a tremendous amount of money to be made here. As far as I can see in the law it is not illegal just a liability issue for doctors to prescribe BODYBUILDING DOSAGES to guys like us.

I would sign up and order my gear from Stone Cold no problem......and it would be LEGAL because I have a PRESCRIPTION.
Never will they do something as irrational as that. Why do you think steroids became a controlled substance in the first place? It's not just a matter of the law, it's medical ethics doctor is going to be stupid enough to give someone a dose of AAS that would have more adverse than beneficial effects.

nice thought though
Never will they do something as irrational as that. Why do you think steroids became a controlled substance in the first place? It's not just a matter of the law, it's medical ethics doctor is going to be stupid enough to give someone a dose of AAS that would have more adverse than beneficial effects.

nice thought though

What adverse side effects???? There is no medical evidence to show anyone has ever had adverse side effects from AAS use. How many people are now using steroids all over the world with no adverse side effects to show? As far as I can see so long as people engage in the responsible, educated, proper use of steroids for bodybuilding purposes there are no adverse side effects and only beneficial effects. We all know there are drugs we can take if we get gynecomastia or too much water retention to correct the problem while cycling on AAS.

Where are the dead bodies from all these people dying from steroid use?

What are the names of the people who are now in prison for steroid related violent crime?

Who are the people with liver damage from steroid use?

What person suffered a heart attack from steroid use?