Clen...all at once, or split up throughout the day?

The Bionic Man

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I've searched the boards and I still can't find a definitive answer.
Can I take clen all at once, or should I split it up during the day?
I'd like to try liquid clen, and it would be easier for me to take it all at once, rather than whipping out the bottle every few hours.
I have to split it up or I get too shakey. It is not necessary from a pharmacologic standpoint, however; has a long half life.
I always split mine as well but I take the double strength tabs so I'm not too keen on dropping 80-120mcg all at once.
I would definatley split mine up I used to take it 40mcg every 3 hours till I hit 120mcg for the day
The few times that I have actually taken it all at once, were not to pleasent. I tend to get bad headaches, and a major case of the shakes.
i split them up...they can have the same effect on a level as ephedrine i would even say it should be a practice to split it up...if i run them at once my body feels as if it will explode...

I was pretty much thinking that I should split them up, you just all confirmed it.

Now I have to decide if I want to use the liquid clen, and like I said, run to the bathroom every few hours to take a drop, or just to go with the pills.
Other than the liquid being cheaper, and major advantages/disadvantages between the two?
I like the syrup the best(Ventipulmin), gets into my system faster I think. It is a pain in the ass though to have to keep the bottle handy to take your second dose. I agree with everyone else in saying, split your dosages up. The potential dangers that go along with Clen would probably be greater taking a large dose at once.