I'm curious, what are you thoughts, experiences, likes, dislikes, recomendations, etc... on Clen. I've used it before many times, I'm just kinda curious what everyones personal opinions on the product were.
It serves its purpose...when I start out, I get the shakes real bad...then they go away...I sweat more...and find that I'm hungrier on it...and this go around, I've found that I've had more cramping...just remember to keep the water up...I'll probably ramp up the dosage next week to top out at 125mcg...I've also been taking about 100mg of Benedryl each night before bed...
I love clen. I find it about equal to ECA in terms of overall fat loss. The shakes go away after a few days, but the one thing I hate is the excessive sweating (I know you have to expect this). I literally almost have to wring out my shirts I sweat so much on the stuff.
I didn't sweat too much from clen. Most the shakes were bad...sometimes increased heartbeeat was too much to bear if you ramp it up fast. I like the fat loss, greater the ECA for me.
Clen is good...I dont bother though unless I am dieting really hard and doing much cardio. Which right now I am not since im bulking
Clen is great stuff I have used it a few times. I Heard from a doctor that you should not go to much higher than 100mcgs b/c at that dose it can cause problems with your heart (heart growth). He also stated that it should be ramped up and ramped down for the best results.

I used the Clen with T-3 and it was magic! :) I sheaded fat like water was amazing! Oh and I could eat just about anything I wanted while I took these two together.

I think it is a great product, you just have to be safe as with anything.........moderation is the KEY!

Oh I got really really really bad craps as I got higher with the dose. To combat this problem I purchased Taurine in power or crystal form and had to mix this in protein shakes and sometimes had to put in directly in my mouth if I got a crap like "charlie horse". I got these at night most of the time in my lower legs, but sometimes I would get them during the day in my uper neck near my head and in my uper back. MAN DID THOSE HURT BAD.
When taking the Taurine it is best mixed with some simple carbs "sugars" like gatorade powder or better yet grape juice b/c high in sugar.
I only use 80-120mcg/day. Get the shakes a little worse than ECA. Slightly increased sweating. I actually like using ECA more as it works for much longer without the receptors getting saturated. Clen definately burns more fat though overall.
I did alot of research on clen before i just started using it. Clen is a great product to get rid of fat and define muscle fast. A little bit of the sweats, uneasy at times but thats about all. i would definetly recommend clen as long as you dont have any heart probs. Research-ology has a great product.
I have had some good results with clen. I ran 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off at 100mcgs, and had no problems. I did have some bad muscle cramping so I had to drink a ton of water. Other than that the clen worked great.
i like it at moderate dosages. this time im running 100mcg a day 2 week cycles and the sides are minimal. 200mcg cycles are hell! i get cramps everywhere no matter what i take when i go high doses. really shitty cramps too like my tongue or jaw muscles or the arch of my foot. stuff that just sidelines you.
my gf swears by it. This summer will be her third time running it. She's a competitive swimmer on the collegiate level. It surprising how well known clenbuterol is even outside the bbing community. All her swimmer friends swear by it and they didn't hear about clen from me. Its getting quite big. BTW, i must give out some props to lion. great clen +shipping bro..keep up the good work