Clomid/Nolvadex during a cycle


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I'm aware of the modern bodybuilding uses of Clomid and Nolvadex...for treating early signs of gyno and after cycle therapy, but what about running either one through a cycle as a weak anti-estrogen to help block some of the estrogen in the nipple area during a fairly weak aromatizing cycle, but nothingless some aromatizing compounds included? Not a strong enough cycle for Arimidex, just wanting a little anti-gyno protection.

Would it be OK to run Nolvadex at 10 mg's ed or Clomid at 50 mg's ed? Brock Strasser recommends running Clomid through every cycle regardless of the steroids used. Is this practice old school or still used by some here?

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I would just go with the standard nolvadex 20mg ed if you start seeing signs of gyno, and save the clomid for after to kick start the old yam bag.
From Testosterone magazine

To Clomid or Not to Clomid?

Almost everyone I've spoken to is under the impression that clomid should be taken after a cycle of anabolic steroids. Is there any justification for taking clomid throughout a cycle or does constant use downregulate its effectiveness?

Also, if one were to take clomid while on a cycle, would the cycle actually be more productive due to the fact that LH levels are raised?

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Martyg, it's perfectly fine to take clomiphene during the cycle in order to prevent gynecomastia as well as to keep blood lipid levels at a decent level. Furthermore, no down-regulation will occur with the use of the product.

As far as taking it to increase LH during a cycle, that's not a good idea. The cycle won't be any more effective as inhibition of endogenous Testosterone will still occur to some degree. The only way taking clomid concurrently would be beneficial is if you're using an aromatizing drug like Testosterone or d-bol.
-LH levels will NOT rise if taking clomid during a cycle!

-Yes, you CAN use Clomid as an anti-E during a cycle (but most people HATE clomid, so they chose not to unles they absolutely have to : recovery)

-Yes it is OK to take Nolvadex during the cycle and it will reduce the amount of aromatizing HOWEVER most don't like this protocol d/t the IGF-1 levels being suppressed therby hindering gains.
Thanks DRveejay for answering all of my questions! You've confirmed what I read in Testosterone mag. This should be helpful info for it is commonly asked but seldom addressed.

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No dont take Clomid. Why send a signal to your LH when your bodys negative feedback loop is sending the opposite. That sounds foolish to me, kinda like playing with fire.

I take Nolva throughout cycles for its psuedo-estrogen qualities. The IGF lowering to me is mostly nonsence. Studies havent proved anythign about them. All they show is that there is a fluctuation, not a for sure ultimate depression. Even if it were though for sake of argument, the amount should be irrelevant compared to the anaoblic state you are already in.
Billy, the reason he's considering to use Nolva/Clomid during the cycle is not to prevent HPTA suppression (which is impossible), but to prevent gyno...
Also, Nolva & Clomid are similar compounds, and both can be used post cycle for HPTA recovery...

Nutrient-Nut, the usual dose of Nolvadex used for gyno treatment is 10-20 mg...
I haven't seen many studies on Clomid as a gyno treatment (it's rarely used), but the one I've seen used 100 mg ED....

Nolva is the true & tested gyno treatment so if you have to chose between the two, go with Nolva...
Thanks for clearing that up to Billy Bathgate. I'm not trying to increase LH levels while on, I'm aware that while natural test is supressed, this is impossible.

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This is an interesting thread. My first real cycle was deca at 300mg/wk for 8wks. I took clomid 50mg eod because I was under the impression that it would prevent my balls from shrinking. Well it worked. No shrinkage but now I'm starting to wonder it the clomid was responsible or if I was just lucky and my htpa really didn't get shut down. I have done more research since then and now rely on liquidex for anti-e's while on and clomid + Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) after. I"m playing with the idea of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) mon and thursday at 500iu for the duration of my next 10 week cycle to see if that prevents the htpa down regulation.
You couldn't have just been lucky, b/c Deca shuts one down harder than anything. I never ran any anti-estrogens in the past and whenever I did a cycle with Deca in it, my nuts shrunk big time. I'm not saying that Clomid can prevent one from being shut down, but it might help the testicles in some way. So much of this is unknown and uncertain, I guess experimentation is the only way to find out.

No, I understand that you werent implying that you wanted to keep HTPA up while on...Im just saying its a bad choice to use becuase it will attempt to do bring it up, which we agree on that it is not possible.

This is mostly my own opinion really, but sending mixed signals to something as sensitive as your HTPA is not a smart move. Thats why I say not to use it, not because HTPA restoration is impossible (which it is though).

Clomid would be my last choice for an anti-e. Aromasin, Ari, Femera (dont like it really though), Nolva, Proviron, even methyl-test would be better. Just for the fact that they dont send signals to your LH.

Nolva can be used post cycle, but the way it works is already happening in your body and wouldnt hurt it any.