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is it ok to mix enthanate with tren into one shot. instead of me having to take 7 injections per week? 1 ml of tren every 4 days and 1 mil of enthanate every 2 days is my dosage for now.

the reason why i ask this is because, i dont know if im having an allergic reaction to the tren, ive been taking it for 2 weeks and my recent injection from 2 days ago has caused part of my left ass cheek to become hard and itchy. like when u get an anthrax shot or something. ive been using cortizone on it, but that doesnt seem to help.its bruised too and very hot.does anybody have any suggestions on what to do? i do not use the same syringe over and over , so i know that can't be it
Yes you can mix Test Enanthate with Tren in the same syringe.

Do you rub the injection site after you do your injections at least for a short period of time to get it into the muscle? Some people dont need to do that, but I do or I get the same thing that happened to you. Bruise, lump and it hurt (burns). I had my girlfriend rub my butt cheek for like 15 minutes, although it hurt so bad it damn near made me cry. After two weeks it was gone and I had that lump and burn for over 2 months. Also do not inject in that spot again until that burn goes away completely.
no i havent rubbed my butt yet, but ill try it.should i try to get antibiotics?do u think its infected under the skin?
Ever try and add sterile grapeseed oil? My injections got so hot and inflamed I couldn't use the gear anywhere on my body. Then a 50/50 mix of gear to oil....Viola! Nothing , no pain swelling , redness all gone.
i have tried rubbing the injection site for 15-20 minutes after i take my injection. the next day that muscle is sore and it is hard to use the muscle without feeling some major agonizing pain. my ;ast injection was 3 days ago, in my left hamstring, since then ive been limping, not only that my entire body itches. from my ears to my head, chest and of course the injection area. the itch never goes away. i could scratch til my fingers bleed and still itch afterwards. after so much scratching though i start to develop bumps. i have an 8 week supply of the tren leftover. im beginning to wonder if its worth taking , with all these side effects.not only all that but i feel sick all the time and my body temp seems higher than normal. i do like the results i get from the tren, this is why i put up with this shit,but its getting old. my source told me to try 5 mls sterile grapeseed oil to every 1 ml tren. i am waiting for it in the mail as of now, til then i guess i have to put up with all this pain. ill probbly stop with the injections until i get the grapeseed oil, but i know it wont get rid of the side effects , it will only lesson it all