conversions and color?


Has anyone ever posted what color there final product looked like?

tren: yellow-orange
test prop:lemonade cloudy
and so on.

I would like to know so I know if I'm alright.
when synovex is heated it becomes clear but when it cools it is yellow/white(lemon ade) is this correct?
Rasscal said:
(Test E looks the same as prop) what color is that?

Bro your test products should stay about the same color as your oil, it should not change much. but yes EQ will be more amber looking, and Trenbolone will be a real deep amber color.
Should I vent and reheat to see if it clears up. When heated it is clear. I just want to knnow what to do next
As mentioned the color of your final product will be dependent on the ingredients used (i.e., Oil, EO or not, Solvents, ect). For instance, my Test P in 50% EO is a different color than my Test P in 100% oil; only slightly, but the difference is noticable. Depending on your ingredients, the color might vary ... which makes it a terrible gauge to use when judging whether or not you've brewed your gear correctly.

my 300mg EQ is darker than proprionate its the same colour than enanthate (TTE) ..........?????????? probably your EQ is 50mg and that's Y its as pale as proprio(gold).......