Cutting fat and gaining lean muscle

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Learning the Ways
I just started to use Hot-Rox and i was tryna keep if not gain a bit more muscle while im at it too... i was wondering about how good or bad are whole eggs and potatoes and should i start using a more lean Whey like muscle milk or stay on the cytogainer ?
this question is so vague and open ended that theres no specific answer.

you can eat McDonalds if you really want to and still lose fat. It wont be optimal, but you can do it.

at the same time, if youre eating too much chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli, you can gain fat, despite how clean those foods are.

it all comes down to calories. some people, like me, would be able to get away with Cytogainer calories after a workout. Others have to do whey only.

Eggs and (sweet) potatoes are great while cutting. A few whole eggs are fine as well. You need fat regardless of what your goals are. Id stay away from white potatoes unless were talking PWO.

first thing you need to do is get your calories in check. how much do you weigh? do you have an idea of what your bf is?
It would be such a help if you could help me out if i told you my stats.. i would appreciate it a lot.. im 5'4 , 143 pounds as of rite now but thats because i havent gone to the gym for about a month so my normal weight with constantly hitting the gym and on creatine is about 153...and im 21 years old... i dont know my body fat % but ill make shurr to go find out tomorrow... and then you could teach me a little about calories and stuff like that would be great cuzz i dont have the slightest clue really about that stuff... all i do is just lift hard and eat whatevers at home..and take some supplements.. i dont really do no science to it.
well what are your goals? gain size at all cost? build lean muscle? cut bodyfat while maintaining strength?

youre not gonna be able to cut fat and build lean muscle. At least not without an advanced understanding of your own body.
well since you said i wont be able to cut fat and gain muscle i guess my goals have switched to lose fat and maintain strength
well the best i can do is multiply your bodyweight by the standard 15 to determing maintenence calories which would come out to 2150. Your body could be completely different, so this is just a ballpark guideline.

Id recommend eating ~1900 calories a day, with your normal weight workouts 3 times a week, and cardio in the morning on an empty stomach 3 days a week.

190g carbs, 140g protein, 60g fat on training days
140g carbs, 190g protein, 60g fat on non-training days

more severe calorie restriction would lead to greater weight loss, but the more you cut calories, the more your gonna lose strength/muscle. And eventually fat loss is going to stall, so small increments is best. You should be able to increase strength for a while eating like this.

eat the majority your carbs for breakfast, pre workout, and post workout.

yohimbine HCL + 200mg caffeine 30 mins before your AM cardio will help with fat mobilization, and then your Hot Rox a few times a day a few hours after your cardio would be ideal. I would hop on this right away, id go all natural for a few weeks, then do the Y+C for a few weeks, then throw in the Hot Rox.
to gain nice lean mass try 6 meals a day... start with 40 grams of protein 30 grams of carbs and 12-15 grams of healthy fat per meal... the last meal being before bed and only protein... this would be optimal since the fat consumption would make you you synthesize adequet testosterone. as far as cardio.... yohimbine would be fine 30 min before your cardio... since that alone would speed up your metabolism (and you will get sweaty while on it and your heart rate will increase) dont add in the caffine yet. wait to see how you react to yohimbine. if you feel like your gaining a lil bit of fat cut your carbs by 5-10 each day and see if that helps.